Ex Oriente Film 2021 projects revealed

24. 5. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

The Institute of Documentary Film is proud to present 12 documentary projects that have been selected for the 19th edition of the Ex Oriente Film workshop. 

Ex Oriente Film is a training programme focused on development and funding of creative documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe. The team of experienced tutors will help workshop participants with the development of their projects during three sessions.

Dir. Danilo Cekovic, prod. Mario Adamson & Sergio Ayala, SE, RS
Ivan, a teenage Roma boy, and Serbian film student Danilo film their extraordinary friendship over the course of 8 years. After overcoming society’s obstacles, their relationship is now facing the greatest challenge yet.

As Long as I Live (orig. Pokiaľ ja žijem)
Dir. Roman Ďuriš, prod. Simona Bago Móciková & Radka Babincová, SK
A social documentary about a 22-year old Romani Dalibor. In order to earn some money and elevate his family from poverty and homelessness, he decides to join the horror circus and become a performer.

Baltic UXO 
Dir. Alexander Belinski. dir. & prod. Agne Dovydaityte, prod. Dagne Vildziunaite, LT
From microorganisms to giant construction sites – everything now suffers from 50,000 tons of corroding chemical munition dumped into the Baltic Sea after WW2 and it seems that there is nothing left to do but wait.

Last Letters of My Grandma
Dir. Olga Lucovnicova, prod. Frederik Nicolai, co-prod. Virgiliu Mărgineanu, BE, MD
Traumas pass through generations. My grandmother Antonina committed suicide in 1989. By crossing the collective history and her life story, I search a way to change this inherited destiny.

Man of Marble (orig. Człowiek z marmuru)
Dir. Szymon Kuriata, prod. Aneta Zagórska, PL
Remik tries to escape from alcoholism. His ex-partner Magda has to mature quickly to raise their son. Will they be able to break out of circle of his addiction and give Franek a better life together?

Nest of Storks and People (orig. Gnezdo na shturkeli i hora)
Dir. Petko Gyulchev, prod. Galina Shtarbeva, BG
This is a story about migrating birds and migrating people who fly thousands of kilometers to return to a Bulgarian village in search of a better life.

Runaway (orig. Utíká)
Dir. Marika Pecháčková, prod. Vít Klusák & Pavla Klimešová, CZ
"I have wild horses in me. If I don't punish them with hard work every day, they will start using their strength against me.” The Czech marathoner ran from her problems 5 years ago and just qualified for Olympic games in Tokyo.

Shut the Fuck Up! (orig. Ти, бля, рота закрий!)
Dir. Taisiia Kutuzova, prod. Stephane Siohan, co-prod. Olga Beskhmelnitsyna, UA, FR
Serhiy, a teenager outraged by corruption and injustice, grows up to be a whistleblower in his village near Kyiv. But after first steps in real politics, the young man goes in search of his own personal identity.

The World is Not (a) Mine
Dir. Natalia Koniarz, prod. Maciej Kubicki, PL
Portrait of people living in one of the most dangerous mines. One of them considering himself as a priest helps them with their suffering. They all ask: "Do people like us disappear or we have become invisible?"

The Pilgrim (orig. Pilgrim)
Dir. Johana Ožvold, prod. Jakub Košťál & Vratislav Šlajer, CZ, DE, FR, GB
Inaudible, invisible, and everywhere

Up in the Air (orig. У ПОВІТРІ)
Dir. Oksana Syhareva, prod. Oksana Syhareva & Nataliia Pogudina, UA
Young Ukrainian acrobats developing their skills and performance up in the air. A century-old circus building and local government officials challenge the path to their dreams.

Confidential Project

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