Ex Oriente Film at Martovski Festival in Belgrade

8. 4. 2018

Author: Veronika Zýková

The 65th edition of Martovski festival in Belgrade, one of the oldest European festivals focused on documentary and short films, included Kristýna Bartošová's presentation in the industry section. Kristýna works in the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) as a coordinator of this year's edition of the Ex Oriente Film training programme for projects in development.

In her presentation she introduced the audience to the Ex Oriente Film not only from her position as a coordinator, but also as a participant of the training programme. She successfully went through the whole process with her film The Dangerous World of Doctor Doleček in 2014. The Ex Oriente Film was an important experience for the director. As she mentioned, she had a chance to look into the mechanism of professional documentary industry world beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. Meeting diverse successful professionals – such as directors, producers, sales agents, broadcasters and festival selectors – allowed her to look behind the scenes of the development of documentary projects and find a way of developing her own film. Her documentary is about her relationship with Rajko Doleček (1925–2017), an old professor, expert on healthy food and a friend of war criminals Ratko Mladić and Radovan Karadžić. The Dangerous World of Doctor Doleček was premiered at the prestigious festival DOK Leipzig in the Next Masters Competition section in 2015. One year later, it received Pavel Koutecký Award and also the Best Documentary Award from the Student Jury at Finale Plzen Film Festival.

Kristýna also introduced succesful projects from the Ex Oriente Film training programme, among them Village without Women (Selo bez žena, 2010, dir. Srdjan Šarenac), taking place in Serbian Zabrdje where only eight citizens live, and an intimate portrait of a gymnast Rita caught in the Russian training system Over the Limit (2017, dir. Marta Prus). During the festival, Kristýna has also spoken to the director of Film Center Serbia, Boban Jevtić, about the possibilities of the cooperation between Serbian filmmakers and the Ex Oriente Film training programme, which could be supported by the Film Center Serbia in the future. She also met producers and directors planning to submit to this year's edition of Ex Oriente Film. You can experience the festival atmosphere with Kristýna here, where she speaks not only about the Ex Oriente Film.

The current manager of the Ex Oriente Film is Rebecca de Pas, whose rich experience includes prestigious film festivals, such as Venice and FIDMarseille. The first of the three ExO sessions will take place in Trieste (Italy) from June 17 to June 23, 2018, for the first time in cooperation with RE-ACT worskhop. The following session will be held during IDFF Ji.hlava (the Czech Republic) from October 25 to October 30, 2018 and the third session will culminate during East Doc Platfom in March 2019, where workshop participants will pitch their projects in front of commissioning editors, independent producers, distributors, film fund representatives and festival programmers from Europe and North America. Confirmed tutors include the General Delegate of the Venice International Film Critics’ Week Giona A. Nazzaro (Switzerland/Italy), producer and consultant Iikka Vehkalahti (Finland), Head of Studies of the European Documentary Network Mikael Opstrup (Denmark), director and script editor Ivana Pauerová Miloševičová (the Czech Republic) and director and producer Filip Remunda (the Czech Republic). You can find all the information about the Ex Oriente Film here.

Photo: Stanislav Milojkovic

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