East Silver Market at the East Doc Platform 2023

12. 3. 2023

Author: Veronika Zýková

For the first time, the East Silver Market will take place at the East Doc Platform. The Institute of Documentary Film has prepared individual meetings between decision makers and creators of projects in post-production and finished films from the CEE region. A videolibrary with East Silver and One World titles will be available for accredited guests at the French Institute in Prague.

East Silver Market is a one-day event for the presentation of completed films and rough cuts. Pre-scheduled 15-minute individual meetings with attending East Silver and East Doc Platform decision makers will take place on March 28. The main aim of the market is to support distribution and promotion of the selected documentary films.

The Institute of Documentary Film has also prepared a Mini-Market with 5 finished films at the One World Festival IHRDFF. This event consists of individual meetings in one day with East Silver Market decision makers. The aim is to help find additional screenings at international festivals, distributors, and international sales agents.

East Silver Market and IDF Mini-Market – One-on-One Meetings
March 28 10:00 – 12:00 One-on-One Meetings
March 28 13:00 – 14:30 One-on-One Meetings

Open for: EDP accredited industry guests / selected projects only
Where: Gallery of Art Critics – Adria Palace, Jungmannova 31, Prague 1

East Silver Market titles at the East Doc Platform

A Year of Endless Days (orig. Godina prođe, dan nikako, dir. Renata Lučić, HR, 2022, 86') - in postproduction
Renata returns to her hometown to visit her father Tomislav who spends most of his time with his best friend Joso. They are abandoned by their wives, in a village abandoned by life.

Blix Not Bombs (dir. Greta Stocklassa, 2023, Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, 85')
Who are we to call when the world is on fire?

BOY (orig. БОЙ, dir. Vladimir Loginov, 2023, Estonia, 10') - in postproduction
Traditionally, a few minutes before the New Year, the President of Russia delivers New Year's greetings on the main TV channels, which is filmed against the backdrop of the Kremlin.

Cabin Pressure (orig. KABINNYOMÁS, dir. Eszter Nagy, Sara Cziradir, HU, 2022, 80') - in postproduction
Heni is 35, beautiful, successful, but lonely. She is ready to give up her dreams of a perfect family, but not ready to give up motherhood, so when she decides to take action, an incredible journey begins.

The Dying of the Light (orig. Nestajanje svjetla, dir. Ivan Perić,  Alvaro Congosto Martinez, HR, 2023, 68') - in postproduction
Gabrijela, a young Croatian woman, travels to New York to pick up the belongings of her deceased aunt Gea Koenig, a photographer who lived at Westbeth - the world´s largest artist community.

Elevation (orig. Висота, dir. Max Rudenko, UA, FR, 2023, 90') - in postproduction
The coach and his trainee on the edge of the ski jump during the intense period of the preparation for a new height.

Faces of Agata (orig. Twarze Agaty, dir. Malgorzata Kozera-Topińska, 2023, Poland, United Kingdom, 72')  - in postproduction
Agata was to die a long time ago. But instead – she was born again. The story of a women who loves life, struggles with a lethal disease, makes art and keeps asking questions.

Falling (dir. Anna Gyimesi, 2023, Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, 16')  - in postproduction
To get on with her life, Els, a mother in her forties has to accept her adult daughter's decision on asking for psychiatric euthanasia.

Fight (dir. Lilit Movsisyan, 2023, Armenia, France, 71')  - in postproduction
In a traditional family a 16-year-old Karine dreams to become a vet. Her family, especially her father, who is a well-known dog-fighter, is against it as it’s not a proper job for women. It’s time for her to choose.

Found by the One She Seeks (orig. Je nalezena tím, koho hledá, dir. Petr Michal, 2022, Czech Republic, 40')
A meditative documentary follows life of acclaimed translator Anna Kareninová. Through personal diaries from trips to France and Italy, we set out together to meet the rhythm of the language of Louis-Ferdinand Célin and Ezra Pound.

Fragments of Resilience (dir. Anna Semenova, 2022, Poland, Ukraine, 25')
Polish choreographer Maciej Kuźmiński decides to respond on Russian aggression against Ukraine and initiates the creation of the dance performance together with Ukrainian refugee artists and their Polish colleagues.

Funk YU (dir. Franko Dujmic, 2023, Croatia, Montenegro, 81')  - in postproduction
One man’s quest to find a rare vinyl record becomes a journey of self-discovery and an intimate look into the recorddigging scene of former Yugoslavia.

Hotel Metalurg (dir. Jeanne Nouchi, George Varsimashvili, 2023, France, Georgia, 90')  - in postproduction
Following the war in Abkhazia (Georgia), a community of displaced women find shelter in an abandoned luxury hotel. After 30 years of cohabitation, they have to change home again, as the hotel is sold.

Kiosk (dir. Daniel Stopa, 2023, Poland, 40')  - in postproduction
Everyday life of a small kiosk in one of the provincial Polish towns. An emotional portrait of a woman, as the kiosk becomes her second home.

KIX (orig. 'Sanyiék', dir. Bálint Révész, Dávid Mikulán, 2023, Hungary, France, Croatia, 100')  - in postproduction
Sprawling and visceral, KIX captures 10 years of the chaotic street life of a Hungarian child as he grows from rowdy kid to public enemy.

The Land You Belong (orig. PAMANTUL DE CARE APARTINEM, dir. Elena Rebeca Carini, 2023, Romania, Italy, 89')
Elena embarks on a crazy idea. A road trip to Bucharest together with her newfound brother Gerard and her camera, to get to know him but also another Elena.

Notes from Eremocene (orig. Poznámky z Eremocénu, dir. Viera Čákanyová, 2023, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 78')
A message in a bottle adrift in a sea of data.

One Aloe, One Ficus, One Avocado and Six Dracaenas (orig. Алоє, фікус, авокадо і 6 драцен, dir. Marta Smerechynska, 2022, France, Ukraine, 8') - in postproduction
Somewhere under a bridge, there is a meeting point between people and parcels. Both are coming from Ukraine, both are fleeing the war but some - sooner than others.

Our Daily Bread (orig. Pâinea noastră cea de toate zilele, dir. Serban Georgescu, 2023, Romania, 70')
At the MamaPan bakery, they don’t just make bread. They also fix lives.

Smoke of the Fire (orig. O Fumo do Fogo, dir. Daryna Mamaisur, 2023, Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, 22')
When the home is ‘not here but everywhere’, how the foreign language can become our guide?

Well of Dreams (dir. Paweł Tarasiewicz, 2023, Poland, 73') - in postproduction
A tale about love and dreams of Reema - a transgender woman in Pakistan.

We Will Not Fade Away (orig. Ми не згаснемо, dir. Alisa Kovalenko, 2023, Ukraine, France, Poland, USA, 99)
A tender and emotional multi-portrait of five Ukrainian teenagers, trapped in the war zone in Donbas, who dream of freedom and discovering the world outside. Andriy, Lisa, Ruslan, Lera and Illia grew up in small coal mining towns, right on the front line. They fight against the boredom and the multiple frustrations of finding out who you are. As they dream of escape, an unexpected invitation arrives: a unique opportunity to climb the Himalayas…

Who Am I Smiling For? (orig. Kellele ma naeratan, dir. Eeva Mägi, 2022, Estonia, 60')
Who Am I Smiling For? is a film about the love of a mother and her children - nothing can separate them, not even death.

Woman of God (orig. Duhovnica, dir. Maja Prettner, 2023, Slovenia, 89') - in postproduction
Protestant pastor Jana is on her way to step out of the Church. But will this difficult decision finally bring her a long wanted freedom? First she has to face additional challenges and open some very old wounds.

Mini-Market titles at the East Doc Platform

Overcoming the Darkness (orig. УКРАЇНА. ПЕРЕМАГАЮЧИ ТЕМРЯВУ, dir. Kinodopomoha (collective), Ukraine, 80')
The film documents Russia's invasion of Ukraine by looking at different parts of the country suffering under the aggression of a senseless war.

The Journalist and Her Jailers (orig. The Journalist and Her Jailers, dir. Adithya Sambamurthy, 2022, Germany, 52, 83)
Luna, a journalist and political prisoner, escaped from Syria to Koblenz, Germany. Members of the Syrian regime accused of crimes against humanity will stand trial here for the first time.

After The Silence Was Broken (orig. Po prolomení ticha, dir. Mikoláš Arsenjev 2023 Czech Republic, 50')
The film is an intimate portrait of Marie-Luisa Purkrábková, co-founder of You Don’t! Have to Endure It.

Absconded – Young Russians on the Run (orig. ABGETAUCHT - JUNGE RUSSEN AUF DER FLUCHT, dir. Anna Winzer, 2022, Germany)
Egor lives in Irkutskand loves ice diving, and is an active proponent of conserving Siberian nature on social media. But then war comes...

Verified Couple (orig. PORNFLUENCER, 2023, dir. Joscha Bongard, Germany)
Nico and Jamie are a young German couple who make amateur porn videos for a living.

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